PadBlock: a Real Estate Manifesto

Beliefs: We believe a combination of simple to use technology and tribal knowledge are giving everyone access to tools only available to professionals in the past: real estate inventory, marketing tools, contract management, and more. As a consequence, we are building confidence and creating a force multiplier where everyone has more control over the transaction and can keep a larger share of the net proceed from their home sale.

These conditions are a fertile ground for more and more people playing the role of neighborhood specialist. With more folks in this role, you choose the plan/path forward that best fits your desired level of involvement.

Credit to Unsplash, Light at the end of a Tunnel.

Goals: We want to see the majority of home sellers keep most of their hard-earned equity after selling their home and avoid as many fees as possible. While choosing from a menu and ‘choosing their own carrot’ to entice the buyer and its agent -if one involved.

Credit to Unsplash, Goals.

Wisdom: We know this to be true, there is a new crop of home sellers:

Credit to Unsplash, Protest/ Revolution.

A revolution is coming to the real estate industry, and the solution is not ‘the same plus tech’. The future is a new approach with transparency, low fees, and speed.

We ARE the Real Estate tech revolution.

Every day, we are more comfortable with tools available in our smartphones, and we all know someone who’ve sold their own home. Let’s Do This.

Alberto Marinas

PadBlock Founder



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